Allegra for Families Personalised financial guidance for Families

Who is Allegra?

Allegra Wealth is a boutique financial advisory business based in Canberra, which commenced operations in July 2012.

The principal of Allegra is Grant Alleyn. Working alongside Grant on a day to day basis is business partner Mitch, Tobias, Brooke and Frances. Together our proven teamwork and complementary skills make Allegra an integral part of our clients thriving financial future.

Grant and Mitch own Allegra Wealth Pty Ltd and Grant is the responsible manager for the Licence. There is no external or institutional ownership or influence of Allegra.

Our current clients include self-funded retirees, professionals, senior executives and business owners. We provide objective, strategic advice to our clients for an annual retainer.

Allegra is welcoming new clients.


What do we provide?

Allegra is like having your own team of financial specialists

Once the plan is agreed and all the trade-offs evaluated, the teamwork starts and we become your “CFO, your trusted adviser and your coach“.

As your CFO, we can liaise, if needed, with all your financial intermediaries be they accountant, broker or lawyer. We appreciate that our clients can get little satisfaction from these tasks so at Allegra we can step in on your behalf and project manage your financial issues. A CFO brings know how and attention to detail.

As a trusted adviser, we build and manage customised financial plans. We filter out the market noise and help you solve your financial issues as markets and legislation changes around you.  A trusted adviser provides you with clear strategic direction that is in your best interests.

As a coach we keep you focused and aware of all the irrational behaviours determined to knock you off your course. Decisions based on emotions are not decisions at all – they are simply instincts. Instincts are important but when coupled with rational thinking they are far more powerful. A coach brings clarity, experience and motivation.

Allegra customises the service offer to your individual needs

Regular face to face meetings are scheduled to ensure we all stay on top of your financial matters. Client feedback has told us that these meetings is where we add the most value for clients, and we schedule a minimum number of meetings each year.

We provide on-line access to client portfolios and provide bespoke reporting as required.

We pride ourselves on providing support when it is needed and aim to return all calls and emails within a 24 hour period.

In summary, we provide access to advice and support when needed and this is supported by client surveys.

Who do we provide it for?

Our clients are all delegators.

They come from all walks of life and all seek advice on their financial issues based upon an on-going professional, fee based relationship. A relationship forged in the planning phase and built upon by efficient implementation, consistent review and honest discussion.

Our clients are informed and in control and secure in the knowledge of their financial future.

Our clients are time poor be that through career choice or simply a preference to spend their time elsewhere on matters more important to them. Importantly, our clients have some financial complexity in their eyes that they need to help to resolve.

We currently service the needs of 60 clients and their families.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have a complaint?

Allegra is committed to providing a high standard of client service.

This includes being completely transparent in the way in which we charge for our services and being proactive with important information which may assist you with decision making throughout our relationship.

Should you feel less than satisfied with the service you receive, we will ensure that we take your concern seriously and ask that you notify us immediately to have the issue resolved.

Your complaint may be lodged either verbally or in writing and should be initially raised with your adviser.

If you are not satisfied with how your complaint was handled, we must direct your concerns to the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA), a service for which we are a member, within 30 days.

AFCA contact details:
GPO Box 3, Melbourne VIC 3001
Tel: 1800 931 678  

Is allegra looking to grow?

Allegra is looking to grow in a targeted fashion. We are looking to add individuals and families who value what we do and how we do it.

To honour the commitment we make to clients we will look to cap our client numbers in future.


Can I sign up for a regular newsletter or updates?

We provide personalised advice to a limited number of clients so we prefer to engage on a face to face basis and do not produce newsletters or provide seminars.


Do you charge for a first meeting?

We do not provide “one-off” advice or financial “check-ups”. After a prior discussion with potential clients we will ascertain whether a first meeting is beneficial for both parties. We then do not charge for a first meeting.


Do you receive commissions?

We have a strong preference not to receive commissions. We rebate where we can but if we cannot we provide a credit for the client towards the fees we charge. This is mostly due to legacy insurance policies where it is not always practical to replace the policy.


What are your investment beliefs?

Our investment beliefs are spelt out clearly in our document – “How We Manage Your Money”. We have a high level of conviction around risk profiling and construction of investment portfolios.

Risk profiling is centred around Longevity Risk (outliving your money), Sequence Risk (order and timing of investment returns) and Drawdown Risk (size of potential decline in portfolios).

Our investment beliefs are centred around the use of dynamic asset allocation; diversification of asset classes and securities; that starting valuations matter; a wariness around historical correlation between assets, and; effective and efficient use of the “fee budget”.

We have an Investment Committee to continually test our beliefs and to ensure our investment strategies are robust, active and in the best interests of our clients.


Can we get advice but manage our own money?

No. The advice, and implementation of same, are part of the same solution. We are looking for clients seeking a trusted partner to implement their strategy efficiently and effectively.


How do you charge?

All clients are priced using the Allegra Fee Calculator to ensure consistency and fairness. The calculator takes into account regularity of contact, complexity, services required and funds invested. It is typically collected as a quarterly direct debit indexed to CPI.

Our minimum fee is $4,800 plus GST per annum.


Who is your ideal client?

Clients who are seeking an on-going relationship.

Clients who are prepared to pay for and implement objective, personal financial advice.

Clients who have some level of complexity to their financial affairs.

These clients tend to be professionals, business owners and executives, presently or in the past.


What is the process of becoming a client?

Contact Allegra via email or phone to organise a time for Grant Alleyn to have a chat to see if we are likely to be suited to working together.

Thereafter, we would have a meeting(s) where at it’s conclusion we would be able to advise a fee for the services required. Once you agree to proceed we then document a Statement of Advice that would outline our advice and why it is in your best interests, and of course all fees and expenses are itemised.

We are also happy to provide client testimonials and/or referees.


Contact Us

We are always happy to discuss your current situation and 
expectations. If an appointment is then made, the first meeting is at our cost.


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